Following your enquiry, we will discuss your requirements & design with you, then from this we will provide you with a quote.

As each cake is unique & designed specifically for the customer's requirements, each cake is priced on an individual basis.

Factors considered are:                   -       Cost of materials

                                                    -       Number of portions & type or flavour of cake

                                                    -       Time to decorate

All the cakes in our portfolio are priced, which may help you in deciding on the size and design of your cake. Please bear in mind that the size of the cake is only part of the cost. For example, the Fire Engine Cake in our portfolio is priced at £50.  But the same cake with twice the number of portions, would be £66.

Therefore, double the portions doesn't mean double the cost!

The portion sizes we work to based on an average height of 3" are:

                                                     -       Sponge cake  2" x 1" (6 square inches)

                                                     -       Fruit cake      1" x 1" (3 square inch finger)

Of course, if you would prefer larger portion sizes, that's fine, we can adjust to suit.


Starting prices guide

With a standard amount of decoration the following prices apply, however additional detail or decoration will be reflected in an increased cost.

This is a basic guide, all sizes and fruit/sponge combinations are available, just ask !

Wedding cakes  price guide

Toppers are charged at an additional cost.

Size (based on round cakes)         Fruit from                        Sponge from

1 tier   (8”)                                                                

2 tiers (6” & 8”)                                                        

3 tiers (6”, 8” & 10”)                      

4 tiers (6”, 8”, 10” & 12”)


Christening cakes  price guide

A basic topper is included in this price.

Size (based on round cakes)         Fruit from                        Sponge from

1 tier   (8”)                                                                

2 tiers (6” & 8”)                                                        

3 tiers (6”, 8” & 10”)                      


Special note

Whilst we appreciate that most supermarkets now stock reasonably priced celebration cakes, please understand that our prices reflect not only the quality of ingredient but also the time taken to research & create the cake you want, to your personal specifications.